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Default Apricot glaze baby backs

On 6/10/2015 1:09 PM, Brooklyn1 wrote:
On Wed, 10 Jun 2015 10:58:10 -0600, La Mirada wrote:

Forget that KC luzer-Q - these are WINNING ribs!

Those pics are definitely photoshopped... and still those ribs look

You're huffing paint again, right?

The resulting competition ribs have earned me a few trophies, but
they're honestly not the kind I love most. You see, I'd rather use a
simpler method and push the flavor with additional spices and heat, but
that can be risky in a competition setting, since I don't want to take
that chance on old fart judges with TIAD palates.

BBQ sauce serves one purpose and one purpose only, to hide the
flavor/texture of crap cooked ribs... sauced ribs are tantamont to
slathering a steak with Heinz red... if your ribs are better with
sauce, any sauce, they are only fit for a land fill. Concentrate on
cooking ribs, forget sauce.

While I generally tend to agree, and think sauce is best for dipping,
there is place for a nice glaze on any finished rib.

This apricot one is particularly tasty, albeit I tweaked my version to
substitute some Hoi Sin for the catsup.

And I like honey mustard over the typical yellow.

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