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Default TN: Asst. wines 1962-2014 on Memorial Day weekend

Saturday night I had some thawed oxtails with a bottle of the 1997 Behrens and Hitchcock Syrah. Zero expectations for this, as I knew it had a plastic cork and the late 90s B&H wines were dying 10 years ago. Surprise, surprise. No oxidation, fruit is plentiful. However, sweet/surmaturite notes, some heat, not my style. But better than I expected. B-/C+

Saturday AM I emailed a friend who had missed previous night's tasting to see if he and family wanted to come to dinner over next couple nights, as he just had a birthday and I had something I wanted to open for him. When I didn't hear from him I decided to throw a party (even without Betsy) on Monday. Then Sunday afternoon my friend called- they were on way back from Philly, was invite still open? Sure, invited another family, and then scrambled for food. Merguez sausages, a soba/veg salad, "london broil", mushrooms, and some cauliflower/Brussels sprouts from Alex. 5 adults and 4 kids on pation, a long and pleasant night.

2008 Juve y Camps Brut Nature Gran Reserva Cava
Crisp, steely, very good. B+

2012 Clos des Lunes
Cooking wine for the mushrooms, but we tried as well. Rounder/fuller style of Bordeaux blanc than most inexpensive ones, good lenght, just a little soft on acids. B
2014 Cantalupo "Il Mimo"
This used to be a favorite rose, but last few years lack acids and seem a touch sweet. Not a re-buy. B-/C+

1962 Ch. Lyonnat
Showed very well with a lot of air. Red and black plums, earth, leather. Good acids, no tannins. B+/B

1981 Ch. Dassault
Others liked this a lot, it still has fruit, but there's a metallic tang and it's not very long. But it gets drunk up! And it was cheap. C+

2010 Burlotto Freisa
Floral, herby, fresh, brambly red fruit, some tannin. Holds up very well overnight. B+

Fun night, but we ate a bunch of food I'd planned on for Memorial Day, so I made a run to HMart and cheated with some premarinated bulgogi, chicken, and pork ribs. I also had a some more London broil, sausage, and salmon; made guac and a slaw, others brought salads, shrimp, fruit, and more. Many wines were served

2013 Koferhof Kerner
Very aromatic, tropical edged fruit yet in a taut package. B+

2014 Los Navales Verdejo
Fresh, grassy, easy. B-

2001 Kerpen Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spatlese (artist Label)
Good '01 acids, moderate sweetness, hint of petrol. This isn't very complex or long, but it's nice on a warm day. B

2014 Mas de Gourgonnier rose
Light, fresh fruited, all strawberries and herbs. Buy again. B+/B

2014 Ameztoi "Rubentis" Txakolina rosado
Crunchy strawberries, mineral, citrus zest. B+/B

1964 Berteletti Ghemme
Smelled good at first, seemed to die a bit in decanter, then perked up after hours (as I was cleaning up). Red fruit and burnt brown sugar, interesting at end if never compelling. B- at end

1986 Ch. L'Arrosee
Red fruits, ferric note, some tannin. B

2009 Clos des Billards St Amour Reserve Caveau
Bigger style of Beaujolais, but this is rather tight at moment. Emptied too fast to see if air let it open up. B- for tonight

1995 Ch. Beychevelle
Cassis, saddle leather, earth, mid-bodied and elegant. A-

1998 Ch. de Fieuzal
Midbodied, red and black currents, some earth. Nice flavor profile but this needs a bit more backbone. B/B-

2013 Knauss Trollinger
Light colored, light bodied, but fresh red fruits and goes down quickly. B/B+

Nice afternoon with nice people

Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine, B a good wine, C drinkable. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a party where it was only choice.Furthermore, I offer no promises of objectivity, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency