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"Ryan" wrote in message

The recipes I saw all included chocolate, so I assumed it was a
chocolate cake.

Can someone describe the taste? I know that sounds odd, but here I am
about to order one with no idea what to expect. I am curious.

It has a mild chocolate flavor with bitter overtones due to the red food
coloring. If you ordered it from a high production bakery like the ones in
supermarkets, it will be quite undistinguished. Technically, it is a
chocolate cake, but there is no legal definition of "red velvet cake."
Therefore, there is some chance that you will get a yellow box cake that has
had red food coloring added. You should really contact the place that is
making the cake to get a definitive answer to your question. I have had
"carrot" cakes from such places that couldn't have possibly had more than a
carrot waved over the pan as it was put in the oven - simply a yellow cake
mix with some spices and coloring added and possibly the scrapings of the
carrots that were used on the salad bar. I am confident that very few
carrots were harmed in the making of the cake.