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Default On waffles, pancakes, and Laura Ingalls Wilder

Just found this.

From the first half:

...So the she rides her bike up and down the block, carrying on an
internal conversation with her imaginary friend Laura Ingalls who has come
to the 1970s from the 1870s to visit and see the future. And our little
girl is explaining something about the t-shirt to Laura Ingalls right
now, so let's hop into the Foodiness Time Machine and drop in and listen:

"Well Laura, girls today don't have to wear long calico dresses and
bonnets, we can wear fake printed denim complete with fake patches and
sneakers from a discount store and t-shirts. What's a t-shirt? It's
what I'm wearing. What do the words on it mean? Well Laura, this
t-shirt is printed with the three most important, defining words of
late '70s America. No, not impeach Richard Nixon, no, not Sex, Drugs
and Rock and Roll, anyway that's four, no this shirt says 'Leggo my Eggo.'
What's an Eggo? Oh Laura, you guys from 100 years ago are really
primitive. An Eggo is a waffle! From the freezer! It's like the root
cellar but a lot colder. And no, my Ma doesn't make waffles in a cast
iron waffle maker over the cookstove like yours... this is the future,
we pull them out of the freezer and cook them in the toaster! And then
we pour flavored, colored corn syrup all over them and eat them before
school! And if someone tries to grab your toasted waffle out of your
sticky paw, you shout 'Leggo My Eggo!' And the Eggo people will send
you this very t-shirt for only 3 box-tops and 50 cents! And its mine!
All mine! And I love it!"

if I were a voting member, I would vote for more of this and less of
which birds fly where

not sure how I'd vote on Bryan's literary efforts but at least it
has some entertainment value

Later on:

...I don't even really get the idea of eating pancakes or waffles,
since they're basically just cake. I mean, what's cake? Flour, butter,
eggs, sugar, baking powder, milk. Pancakes? Same. Waffles? Same. If you
were a farmer or a field hand, a lumberjack or a cowboy, a blacksmith
or a maple sugar guy, or even Amish, I'd get the need for a 1,000 calorie
pile of flour and sugar for breakfast. You had work to do. But we
consultants and social media analysts and insurance salesmen and radio
hosts, not so much...



I side with the anti pancake/waffle group. I would rather have eggs
benedict, or a bagel ... or any number of things actually.