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Default Byerly's Wild Rice Soup

On 2014-12-17 17:47:21 +0000, Brooklyn1 said:

> Sqwertz wrote:
>> Sheldon "brags" <cough> about everything he makes, but it's weird how
>> we never see or hear about all these things he makes "all the time".

> There's no bragging whatsoever, I brag about pussys but I don't brag
> about food... I cook and eat very ordinary everyday foods and I post
> photos often... if you feel by my posting photos of ordinary cuts of
> meat in the same chipped dish on my stinking yellow counter is
> bragging then you are majorly insecure... but insecurity is a common
> personality flaw of dwarfed minds.
>> And if he had a 10lb bag he wouldn't be complaining about the price of
>> wild rice.

> Mentioning that wild rice is too expensive to waste is not
> complaining, it's a statement of fact, but fact is I don't pay for it,
> I said it was sent to me by someone I know well.
>> He's just bullshitting.

> Bullshitting about what, rice... by now you should know better than to
> think I'd claim having something in my pantry I can't prove... this is
> what I have remaining until the next supply (about 6 lbs), will likely
> be 2-3 years yet, I don't use much wild rice, I may not even ask for
> more, I'm not all that fond of wild rice, it's not at all flavorful,
> it adds a particular texture is all:

It's marked long grain but it looks broken, sold as "soup rice" and
less expensive. Have you ever had the lake grown, hand harvested, hand
winnowed, and parched over a wood flame? It's pretty good. '-)

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