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Default Meat is not my friend.

Peanut butter. The old fashioned style, like Laura Scudders of Adams. Or you can do what I sometimes do and go to your local health food store and grind your own. It is a great protein provider and tasty too. Experiment with what you can add to it. Cinnamon is one of my faves. Mashed fruit is good a little sugary but makes up for it with vitamins. It goes great with celery of course. If you can afford your own grinder you might experiment with other nuts. I eat a lot of chicken and fish as I'm not a vegetarian. But beef is best taken in small quanitities. Good luck with your vegetarian diet. Although I've never tried it, I've thought about it often.
On 07 Oct 2014 02:14 AM ,"Julie Bove" wrote:
I went mostly vegetarian many years ago when I noticed that meat was sitting
like lead in my stomach and I felt unwell after I ate it. I say mostly
because I still ate things like refried beans and Mexican rice which has
chicken broth in it. Heck I even drank chicken broth when I had respiratory
problems. I would even eat the vegetables that were roasted with the pot
roast that my mom made. Just not the meat.

Then when I moved out on my own, I realized that I couldn't afford meat and
only served it when I had company and then only some of the time. If they
liked lasagna, I would make that with no meat.

More recently I dabbled with a vegan diet after learning that I could not
longer eat eggs or dairy due to intolerances. But because of the
gastroparesis, I didn't do well with eating too many veggies or too much fat
such as olives from the olive bar. I was also suffering from slight anemia.

I started eating meat twice a week. And that seemed to be working for me.
Provided that I was careful what I ate. I also lost chicken, lamb and all
fish due to intolerances so that didn't leave me much. Mainly ground beef,
sometimes pot roast, turkey and sometimes bacon. But I do have to be very
careful and I can't eat too much at a time.

This last week I was trying to use up older food in the house and I wound up
eating a hamburger patty two days in a row. I also wound up having some
form of meat, even if only a small amount such as in chili, every single
day. And I paid for it. With stomach pains and just in general feeling
like crap.

So I started out this week with no meat whatever. And I feel fine now. I
just wish I could find some other forms of protein. Because now I am pretty
much down to beans, peas, some nuts and seeds. I will be trying some meat
(ground beef) again tomorrow.

It's just frustrating. I'm not eating anything abnormal and yet, the danged
stuff makes me sick. I am awaiting my new intolerance test results. I am
hoping I will have gotten some of the protein things back. Would be nice to
have some other options.

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