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Default Tomatoes anyone?

On 10/17/2014 09:52 AM, Ian Field wrote:

"Todd" wrote in message
On 10/16/2014 07:52 AM, Ian Field wrote:
Trains dump so much human waste that TOMATOES are growing in it on

Hi Ian,
Are you able to verify that? If so was the dumping by accident?
I can't imagine the biological hazard dumping the potties
and all the chemicals (the blue stuff) would create? How
could Tomatoes grow in such disinfectant?

I'm going to start a betting pool on how many times you were dropped on
your head when you were little.

Hi Ian,

I bet you weren't this crabby before Metformin.

But, you do have a point. I should probably get the
metal plate changed out for a plastic one. Every
time I pass a Microwave, I can't remember who I
am for a half hour or so. :-)

By the way, Metformin also ruins your sense of humor.

Just out of curiosity, don't you spray herbicides
on your train tracks? If tomatoes could grow on
them, the rest of the tracks would be overgrown with
grass and weeds.

I think the story was probably a hoax. Brits are
known for their sense of humor. Okay, not you, but...


For the humor impaired, and you know who you are,
no, I do not have a plate in my head.