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Default Martha's "One-Pot" linguini with tomatoes and basil

Opinicus wrote:

On a recent episode of "Late Night With Seth Meyers" Martha Stewart
prepared "One-Pot" linguini with tomatoes and basil, which involved
making a quick sauce with cherry onion, garlic, cherry tomatoes, and
basil then adding several cups of water followed by raw linguini.
Simmer until done. The whole dish takes less than ten minutes.


I once saw Emeril do so something like this with lasagna noodles many
years ago. The raw pasta is allegedly cooked in the sauce. I find this
technique hard to believe. Has anyone ever tried it? What's the result

I see no reason why it wouldn't work. And what's with the allegedly?
Can you think of any reason why it wouldn't? Cooking pasta is 10
minutes (or so) in boiling liquid. Why shouldn't it be the sauce
you're going to serve it with?

I do no-boil lasagne (with regular lasagne noodles) all the time. It
comes out just fine -- the only caveat is that you need to make the
sauce a little thinner (more fluid) than if boiling the noodles first,
as the moisture goes into the pasta to cook it.

I don't like doing it with smaller pasta (elbows, rotini, ziti)
because the sauce gets starchy, but I see no problem with doing it for
a dish that will be eaten fresh. (FWIW, this is all Hamburger Helper
is -- pasta and "sauce packet" to which you add water and browned
ground beef; cook up in one pan. While one can argue with the
implementation, the idea is certainly acceptable.)


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