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On 9/16/2014 6:32 PM, George Shirley wrote:
This afternoon long time internet friend Bob Baron came by for a few
hours to visit. His parents are in Porter, TX, not to far from where we
live. Bob is a large young man and very amiable. Brought us a house gift
of two jars of crab apple jelly, one of the jellies we've never eaten.
In return he got a jar of pear and another of blackberry.

Nice visit and he's back to his parents home and then off to Minnesota
tomorrow morning. That's Number two of the rfp folks we've met, first
one was Barb Schaller several years ago. So far all the folks we've met
on the internet, which is about ten or twelve, have been nice people.


I'm back in Minnesota now, where the weather is downright chilly. Quite
a shock from the 95 with 98% humidity in Porter. I tried to reply last
night, but couldn't think of anything to say cuz I get embarrassed when
people say nice things about me.

George has a lovely home, with fruit trees and a small but productive
garden. No wasted space (although some of it is fallow at the moment);
he even has Swiss chard in the front flower bed. I promise not to tell
the HOA.

Miz Anne is quite the artist, and Tilly Dawg is quite a character. Good
people, all of 'em.

* * *

My brother made some hibiscus jam this year from homegrown "roselle"
hibiscus pods. Just hibiscus and sugar (and a little water of course)
A lot of work and he's disappointed because it just tastes "red". My
next preserving project will be to see if I can make hibiscus jelly from
the dried "flor de Jamaica" at the local Mexican grocery. (I'll need
Certo for that because I won't have the seeds where most of the pectin
is, just the calyxes) Since I don't have a recipe, I'll just boil the
hibiscus to extract the juice, then process it like cranberry.