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On 9/1/2014 10:12 PM, zxcvbob wrote:
I just pulled the first batch of crab apple jelly out of the canner, and
it's plinking as I write this. I'm making it with added pectin, although
the drops that I spilled on the stove before I added the pectin jellied
just fine without it...

Almost had a disaster. I put the 5 C of juice and 7 1/2 C sugar in a big
saucepan and started to cook it. About a 5 quart pan. Then I remembered,
"this is gonna foam up, isn't it?" I transferred it to an 8 quart pan,
added the ounce of lemon juice (no idea why it needs lemon juice cuz
it's so sour already) and brought it to a hard boil. The 8 qt pan was
just big enough.

Added the Ball liquid pectin, boiled it hard for another minute and
turned the heat off but left it on the hot burner (gas stove with heavy
grates.) Skimmed the foam, ladled into jars, BWB, etc.

Now time to start the 2nd batch. I might use bigger jars this time.


For the second batch, I used more juice and more sugar. 6 cups of crab
apple juice and 9 cups of sugar. (1 ounce of bottled lemon juice, 1
packet of pectin) It worked just fine, but I had to be a little more
careful about it boiling over because I used the same pot. This made 5
pints with a little left over. That's the way I'll write it down in my
recipe folder.

That's almost 2 cups of sugar per pint! :P

I finished up about 11:30 last night, including cleaning up mostly.
Wife was not happy that I was still putzing around in the kitchen that
late. :uhoh: