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Default Cookie or bar cookie recipe for my radiation guys

"Ophelia" > wrote in message
> "Cheri" > wrote in message
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>> "Ophelia" > wrote in message
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>>> Will do, thanks Would it be better if I used the mixer to stir it?

>> Nah, it's easy to do. A minute or two at the most. You can tell when the
>> texture sort of changes. No mixer to clean up. :-)

> Sounds good to me))))

Thank You!!! He loves them) Heh I am definitely the popular girl now <g>
I don't like peanut butter and even I liked them)

I didn't have any regular sugar but I found some brown Splenda and it
doesn't seem to have done them any harm. They are seriously addictive
though and I am having to stop myself having more than a taste. I wonder
how long they will last lol

Thank you once again)