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Default The 20th Annual Schaller Ribbon Report

Melba's Jammin' wrote:

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Wait, that was
LAST year!!

THIS was a good year! I am happy.

Of 19 entries at the Great Minnesota Get-Together, our state fair,
opening today and continuing until Labor Day, I have 7 blue ribbons,
two second place, and three thirds. I will not receive the plaque for
being better at it than anyone else (there's a relative newcomer in
town who kicked a** with 11 first place ribbons) and I'm really happy
with 7 blues! W00t!


So, the blues were for
Blackberry Jelly
Cherry Jelly
Raspberry Jelly
Nectarine Jam
Strawberry Jam
Apricot Butter
Stewed Tomatoes

Second place for
Peach Jam
Watermelon Pickles

Third place for
Strawberry Jelly
Apricot Jam
Cherry Jam

Strawberry Jelly? really? wow...

does anyone do wine or spirits based jellies
or are they banned?

AND the Mrs. Wages (preserving products) Blue Ribbon Award for Best in
Show for Jellies and Jams.

Life has been hard on me the last year -- sibling deaths, good friend
death, declining health of my brother, etc. But, hey, I Am Woman!
Hear me roar! ;-)

aw, it's tough to lose a good friend or family
member. impossible to replace that depth and
history. one foot in front of the other...
if i hear roaring i put those foots in front
of each other a bit faster.