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Default REQ: Cookie or bar cookie recipe for my radiation guys

On Monday, August 25, 2014 7:37:38 PM UTC-4, Janet Wilder wrote:
> I have the two cutest, nicest technicians who do my radiation. They are
> so helpful, sympathetic and gentle without ever being condescending.
> If I'm feeling up to it later this week, I'd like to make them some goodies.
> I was thinking of drop cookies or bar cookies which would not be a fuss
> and would be easy for them to store.
> My guys are of Mexican heritage, so I don't want to make anything
> ethnic, just something nice, easy for me and tasty for them.
> Would appreciate any ideas, preferably those using stuff one has in the
> house.

Hi, Janet. Chiming in late.

I made these back in March, but if I posted about them, I can't find it.
They are the best bar cookies I've ever made, bar none (ha ha!). And
as American as, well, cranberries :-)

If you don't have cranberries handy, I'm sure you could substitute another
tart fruit or any fruit really, adjusting the quantity of sugar accordingly.

(I always have cranberries in the freezer, since they seem to be harder
to find other than in late autumn.)

Silvar Beitel