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Default Cookie or bar cookie recipe for my radiation guys

"cshenk" > wrote in message
> Cheri wrote in
>> "Janet Wilder" > wrote in message
>> > I have the two cutest, nicest technicians who do my radiation.
>> > They are so helpful, sympathetic and gentle without ever being
>> > condescending.
>> >
>> > If I'm feeling up to it later this week, I'd like to make them some
>> > goodies.
>> >
>> > I was thinking of drop cookies or bar cookies which would not be a
>> > fuss and would be easy for them to store.
>> >
>> > My guys are of Mexican heritage, so I don't want to make anything
>> > ethnic, just something nice, easy for me and tasty for them.
>> >
>> > Would appreciate any ideas, preferably those using stuff one has in
>> > the house.

>> The best no fuss cookies IMO are the peanut butter kind that you make
>> with 1 cup of peanut butter, 1 large egg, and 1 cup of sugar. Stir it
>> all together for a couple of minutes until it becomes stiff, scoop
>> out with cookie scoop and bake for 16 minutes at 350, turning pan
>> around after 8 minutes. I use parchment under them. My dh and
>> grandchildren love these and so simple to make.
>> Cheri

> LOL, a memory lane. We were living in Hawaii and Don had a hankering to
> make these. He tried to add 1 cup flour to the same recipe. oops...
> I was apologizing for months after laughing so hard I almost peed on
> the sofa. Hey, don't get me wrong, I love the man, been married close
> to 30 years now, but it was funny! He looked at me with them little
> blue eyes going 'wha'd I do wrong?' and I lost it.
> Thats ok. He got me later. Don makes a lovely stuffed squid. I tried
> it and um, forgot to unstuff it (clean it). What a heck of a nasty
> thing!
> If it helps any, we laugh about it now and Don's very good at making
> cookies while i have learned how to clean a squid.

Sounds like good times and good memories. :-)