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Nancy Young
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Default How do you say cauliflower

Denise~* wrote:

I tend to say it with a long "a" like "ahh" and a flat "i", like "eh"

But when I hear it said with the "u" pronounced as a 'w' and a short
"i", like "ee"


To me, this sounds very weird & makes me cringe.

It's collie-flower, as everyone knows. (smile) I never heard it
called anything else.

Or is it similar to replacing the "r" in library with an "e"
(ie; "libery"). Ug, my friend does this & it drives me nuts,
especially since she used to work at a Library.

Grrrr. But then I'm very busy being annoyed at people who say
'where's it at' ... I don't have time for the Libary people.