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Default Grilling tonight

On 6/24/2014 10:03 PM, jmcquown wrote:

On 6/24/2014 7:34 PM, Cheryl wrote:
While everything else finishes (steamed broccoli) here is a pic hot off
the grill. The dogs got a little overly charred as I was out talking
over the fence from my deck to my neighbors. We chitty chatted a little
too long. lol

Looks fine to me! As other stated, I like a little char on hot dogs.
The burgers look to be medium rare, too, which is exactly how I like
them. I guess your email invitation got lost in the ether...


You nailed it. Closer to rare than med rare, but that's how I like
grilled burgers. They were perfect. The dogs really got huge.