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Default NBS/Char Broil Silver fire control question.

On 1-Aug-2004, Jesse Skeens > wrote:

> On Sun, 1 Aug 2004 08:45:49 -0700, "Duwop" > wrote:
> >Jesse Skeens wrote:

> >If you have the time and inclination you can add smaller loads more often
> >too. This would be to keep the temps closer to the 240-250 region. Or mix
> >and match, dont want to have to look for a bit, add a larger amount, got
> >time, add smaller bits. Scientific eh? Most of this is with the intake open
> >about 1" and the exhaust full open.
> >
> >Course, some days none of this works picture perfect for some damn reason.
> >You got a flat'ish fireplace shovel to scrape out excess ash from under the
> >firegrate? Shouldnt need it on a 5-6 hour cook, but shit happens.
> >
> >If you want a steadier lower temp it takes a smaller load of fuel and
> >therefore more tending. But sometimes just grabbing a book, sipping a
> >beverage on a Sunday while tending the perfect BBQ fire is just what the
> >doctor ordered. Those WSM folks miss out on this, having to do honey-do's
> >and whatnot. Poor bassards.
> >
> >Good luck, good eats.

> Right now I'm having a hell of a time getting the temp up.
> Its only gone up to about 230 so far. Seems like I've added
> about 3 chimmneys of lump. I do have the vent at 1/4 of the
> way. Should I open it until the temp rises and then close back
> down again? Just added some more lump on top so hopefully
> that will help. Looks like I need to make a bigger fire and then
> jsut keep maintainign with constant fuel addtions.
> Jesse

Jesse, I've been cooking on an NBS for a couple of years now. It
drove me nuts at first. I made noises about like you're making for
a long time. Then I quite trying to maintain temp within ten degrees
or so. Life got easier by a bunch. Here's the formulae. Clean out
enough ash so you get some good draft. Load in about a chimney
and a half or two of cold lump. Dump a well lit chimney of lump
on top of that. Crack the firebox draft to 1". Not 1/2" or 1/4" or
2", but 1" precisely. "THEN" treat it like a sore dick. Don't F#$%
with it. Leave the chimney damper wide open. That cooker is
going to run about 250 to 275. (At the grate). When it drops to
220 add another chimney of lump. Don't mess with the draft.
Trying to make that muther run at 220 or so is going to drive
you to the nut house. Give it up. If you have to cook at 220 just
fire up your WSM. No problem. Oh yeh, once you get that fire
stabilized, just throw a good sized log on top for smoke. I use
a 2-1/2" to 3" by 10" log in mine. Works fine. Lasts a long time
and it don't flare up and mess with your heat range. Make sure
you have enough beer on hand. You should expect to tend the
fire about every 50 minutes or so. If you're out in the wind YMMV.
Mine's inside a screen room. There's some controversy about
proper cooking temperature. I'm not going to argue about it any
more. BTW my grate temp runs hotter then the dome temp by
25 to 35. Cooked a 13# brisket to pulling temp on Jun 8th. It
took 7 hours to reach 195 internal. I ain't gonna argue about
whether brisket should be pulled or not. I pulled mine and it
made damn fine sandwiches while it lasted.
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