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Jesse Skeens
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Default NBS/Char Broil Silver fire control question.

On Sun, 1 Aug 2004 21:36:25 -0400, "Mike Neel" >

>> Looks like I got the small/hot fire now like
>> you're supposed to as before when I had a
>> large cool one (and more smoke).
>> Maybe it was having the side door only
>> open 1/4 way.

>I cook with the vents all the way open, and keep a small hot fire going --
>we're talking less than 8" around for the bed of coals and everything. I
>seem to have more luck controlling things. Maybe it's just me, but it's
>easier to eyeball how much wood to add than it is to adjust a vent while
>adding wood.


Once I got the fire hot it seemed to work ok to have
the vent mostly closed and at the same time add fuel.
I think my problem was keeping it fairly closed even
when the fire hadn't got hot enough yet.

Overall the cook went well. Just took the ribs off.
They could have been more tender but I dont think
they cooked long enough with the temp as low as it
was. There was a piece I trimmed that was next
to the opening to the firebox and that piece
came out perfect. The extra heat from where it
lay seemed to make the difference.