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Default Fast Food Secret Menus?

On Tuesday, February 25, 2014 9:11:25 AM UTC-6, sf wrote:
I didn't know there were secret fast food menus anywhere except

In-N-Out, but there are! Unfortunately, most of the secret menu items

they picked to show here are pretty gross... including Animal Style

fries. You can

even order an Animal Style version of McDonald's fries with their

secret sauce in a cup on the side. It's almost like being in Europe!

Guilty pleasu back in the day, I was fond of A&W onion rings served

with tartar sauce (before their tartar sauce came in little packages).

FYI: Chain restaurants like Denny's, Olive Garden and Chipotle have

secret menus too. Yes, really!

If you're curious about the secret menu of any particular fast food or

chain restaurant, Google the name + "secret menu" and prepare to be


I always order Whoppers with mustard instead of repulsive jarred mayo. What
I do is order no mayo, no ketchup, extra pickle, extra onion, I take off the
lettuce and tomato and munch those first, then I add two or three mustard
packets. I've also been known to order two, one of them "no bun," and make
a double Whopper with mega pickles and onions. I do that if I'm by myself
and have a BOGO Whopper coupon.

There is a sit down restaurant we eat at that does not list ala carte items
on any menu, but they will sell, "One enchilada and one tostada with no beans
or rice." I never get the full dinner option from the menu.