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Default The Surprising Appeal of Vegan Baking (for Non-Vegans)

The Surprising Appeal of Vegan Baking (for Non-Vegans)

By Tamara Duker Freuman
U.S. News
January 7, 2014

I am not vegan. To be honest, I'm not really even V-
curious. As much as fruits, veggies, grains, nuts and
beans are daily staples of my diet, I also consume milk,
real butter and eggs and bake with them as well.

This is why I'm as surprised as anyone to find myself
going back again and again to a half-dozen or so vegan
baked goods recipes in my repertoire instead of their
conventional counterparts. There were those whole-grain
apple poppy seed muffins that my kids gobbled up; some
tasty*gluten-free, teff, peanut-butter cookies; an airy,
chocolaty batch of flourless black bean brownies; and the
chewy oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies that marked my first
foray into baking with my children.

While I haven't attempted a vegan cake yet, the idea is
starting to grow on me if only for the chance to
experiment with a chocolate*avocado-based frosting*recipe
I came across recently on Pinterest. What on earth has
happened to me?!?

[See:*Best Plant-Based Diets.]*

Shocked at my own recent proclivity for plant-based
baking, I've been giving lots of thought as to why I
enjoy making these vegan recipes so much ... particularly
when I hold no grudges against butter, milk and eggs. In
so doing, I realized that there are several very
appealing qualities to vegan baking that merit
consideration for a far broader audience than the roughly
1 million Americans who follow a strict*vegan diet. For

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