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Default REQ for Good Eats help

REQ for Good Eats help

In we're working on a project to repost the
complete seasons of Good Eats. We're OK through Season 13 but we're
missing the following from Season 14:
1408 Fry Hard III: Fry, Tempura, Fry!
1409 Oat Cuisine II
1410 All Hallows Eats
1411 Squash Court II
1412 American Classics IX: Pumpkin Pie
1413 Egg Files VII: Meringue
1414 Pantry Raid XIII: Destination Chickpea
1415 Devil Of A Cake
1416 A Bird in the Pie Is Worth Two in the Bush
1417 Use Your Noodle IV: Lasagna
1418 Waiter, There's a Fish in My Soup
1419 The Proof Is in the Bread Pudding
1420 Roll Call
1421 Caul of the Flower
1422 Use Your Noodle V: Asian Noodles

We also need the last three specials:
S06 Right On Q
S07 Alton's Countdown to T-Day (Re-Romancing the Bird)
S08 Turn On the Dark

I had all of these at one time but the DVD on which I recorded Season
14 and the 2011-2012 specials has gone missing. Any help (including
where the files can be found for downloading) will be greatly


Anne's Little Brother Bob