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Jesse Skeens
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Default NBS/Char Broil Silver fire control question.

On Mon, 2 Aug 2004 07:44:43 GMT, "M&M" >

>enough ash so you get some good draft. Load in about a chimney
>and a half or two of cold lump. Dump a well lit chimney of lump
>on top of that. Crack the firebox draft to 1". Not 1/2" or 1/4" or
>2", but 1" precisely. "THEN" treat it like a sore dick. Don't F#$%
>with it. Leave the chimney damper wide open. That cooker is
>going to run about 250 to 275. (At the grate). When it drops to
>220 add another chimney of lump. Don't mess with the draft.
>Trying to make that muther run at 220 or so is going to drive
>you to the nut house. Give it up. If you have to cook at 220 just
>fire up your WSM. No problem. Oh yeh, once you get that fire
>stabilized, just throw a good sized log on top for smoke. I use

I'll give that a go next time. Any particular patter that the cold
lump needs to be in? I had a feeling that maybe putting the
hot lump on top ofcold would not allow proper air flow to it.
Would a "ring" of cold lump work better?

As far as 220 well thats right where mine was at but not where
I wanted it to be. Could never get it hotter than that except

Thanks again,