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Default Thank you and Merry/Happy Christmas to all

On Sun, 22 Dec 2013 22:07:42 -0500, Joseph Coulter wrote:

Over the years this gruop has been so many things but most of all it has
been a place to meet new people and to expand our knowledge. Ian and
Andrew our Father figures, Dale and Mark our earnest and excited
brothers, Joe, may he rest in peace, our wacky uncle with his tales of
wondrous things and 2000 year old wine merchants. There are others I am
sure, but time is too short to mention: Santiago, Emery, Bi!!, so many I
raise a glass to each and every one to those who I have forgotten, and
those I have never really known and say Merry/Happy Christmas now and
more to come. May we all dare to buy a first growth Bdx and we may live
to enjoy the tasting notes.

Happy holidays to you too, Joe, and to all afw. May your Rhones be tarry
and your Rieslings zingy!

(At first I read: "buy first growth Bdx", then saw the essential
qualifying article. I sure don't buy 1st growth in the plural!)



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