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Jesse Skeens
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Default NBS/Char Broil Silver fire control question.

On Sun, 01 Aug 2004 20:53:18 -0400, Jesse Skeens >

>wood and it was barely making a difference. Never got
>the grade higher than 240-250 though. Big difference
>compared to the WSM which will easily sky rocket
>if you added a full chimney to it.

Correction just went out and it was up to 267.
Again there is much less coals now than earlier
when I was barely at 200. Ony difference
I can see is that all thse ones are white/red
where as before I had a lot of unburned lump
there (minion setup).

Looks like I got the small/hot fire now like
you're supposed to as before when I had a
large cool one (and more smoke).

Maybe it was having the side door only
open 1/4 way.