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Default What cereal to eat for Breakfast?

Todd wrote:
: On 10/13/2013 11:33 PM, Ozgirl wrote:

: I think Karen controls without meds, so I don't think she is over-doing
: the carbs. I remember when I was first diagnosed I was eating 30 gr carb
: per main meal. That worked for a short time and I had to lower it.
: Eventually I was down to about 5 gr for brekky and 10-15 gr at lunch &
: dinner. Snacks were sometimes zero carbs or up to 10 gr. Most of my
: carbs came from non or low starch veggies (and the "free" veggies) and
: small amounts of low GI fruits (berries mostly). I think Karen was the
: one who recently said if it ain't broken why fix it? I apologise if that
: wasn't her

: That is good news to heard. I hate the meds. And I am glad she is
: controlling her numbers.

Meds are not all evil. I have been onthem n moderation just like my carb
intake, for now over 16years. If you can manage without meds that's fine,
but many can't. You throw around terms like carbs are poison, hating
meds, but accepting traditional medicine(herbs, etc.) How do you feel
about the sulfa drugs introduced after 1934? How do I know that date? I
lost a brother before I was even born to a strep infectin in january of
1935. A year later his life would have been saved by a sulfa drug. Hate
meds, not me. I wish I could have knon Jonny, but i never had the chance

Using tons of meds to try to avoid diet adn exercise is foolish
andnon-productive, but meds , when necessary are a Godsend. As Alan S use
to say "all things in moderation except laughter."