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Default What cereal to eat for Breakfast?

On Sat, 05 Oct 2013 22:14:12 -0700, in, Todd

On 10/05/2013 09:22 PM, Karen wrote:

Hi Karen,

I can't see what Julie writes as she is kill filed.
She likes to pick fights. And I see she is still at it.

You don't catch diabetes. Many
things factor into it. Diet may push things along, but it is not the
sole cause of it.

You don't catch T2 Diabetes like a cold. You just wear your
body out. My GP spent about 1/2 hours telling me about how
our bodies are designed with about 5 times margin and that
our modern diet is at or exceeds it. I was exceeding it
and it caught up with me. Some folks are better off genetic

I know many diabetics and none of them have been
told to eat 375 g of carbohydrates daily.

There is a big difference between what the USDA has put on labels and
what doctors and registered dieticians actually recommend. The USDA
recommendations on the packages are not suggested for diabetic
patients. Also, that number is based on a 2000 calorie a day diet.
Most of the diabetics I know were told to eat 30-45 g carbs per meal.
My dad who is a large man was told 45-60. At most that is 180 per day
(I know, still a lot) but the point being still less than half the
375 you are saying diabetics are told to eat.

Neither do I. I wasn't talking about Diabetics. I was
talking about the general population.

I'm not sure where you came
up with that number, Todd, but it just isn't accurate.

Grab a box of something that has nutritional information on it.
You will see under carbs a "% Daily Values (DV)".
Here is one:
There is a button to see full nutritional information:

Nutritional information per serving * % Daily Values (DV)
Total carbohydrates 21g 7%

21g /.07 = 300. (I have seen the 375 on other packages)
And you are correct. That is A LOT of yogurt.

That would be
25 servings of carbs. I don't think anyone eats that much.

I ate a lot of pasta.
2 oz is 14 grams. I must have ate a pound worth at a sitting
(112 grams). Not to mention the sauce. And bread and corn and
rice and potatoes and yams and sweet potatoes, yada, yada, yada.
I did it to my self.

Usually I find the ones who call me nuts on this are the
one that don't want to follow the restrictions. The satiation
switch that goes off in our brains with carbs is extremely addictive.
We were NEVER designed to consume such levels of carbs. Get
use to your artificial legs. On the bright slide, you can wear
any shoe you want and they don't hurt.

And for those that say we are evolving for it,
1) we catch T2 after we reproduce and 2) any genetic mutation
to eat high carbs is being "diluted" as we are not dying till
after we reproduce.

Just so
you know, all vegetables have carbs in them too.

That is why I say all over the place natural/organic meat
and that are not hybridized for carbs.

I have T2, eat grain still and control my glucose levels with diet,
and it is working.

I am tickled that it is working. How long did
it take you to get to drug free?

Here is an article to consider on why grains are
unhealthy from Mr. Paleo himself, Mark Sisson who
has been a diabetic since he was a kid:

By the way, for those that argue about what is and what isn't
Paloe, I consider whatever we ate before beer to be Paleo.

I'm glad you have been able to go off the meds,
but I hope it was done safely.

Thank you for the kind words.

Good Advice, I am watching my meter like a hawk. And several
times a day too. So far, I am a fraction better than on
Metformin. And the side effects are going away.
I am stronger and a lot happier. (Metformin causes
depression, among other things.)

By the way, I am drug free, but not medicine free.
I use a lot of tradition medicine (herbs, etc.).
Anyone let me know if they want to know the
traditional medicines I use.


I'm not trying to be argumentive, but you are spreading
misinformation. I fully expect you will put me in your killfile
rather than discuss the issue.