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Default What cereal to eat for Breakfast?

"Todd" wrote in message
On 10/05/2013 02:47 PM, Cheri wrote:
"Todd" wrote in message
On 10/05/2013 07:03 AM, David Sharad wrote:

Breakfast is considered as a first meal of the day. Don't skip
it is very important to improve health.There are many different kinds
cereal including cheerios, cocoa puffs, honey bunches of oats, fiber
one, lucky charms, cookie crisp, fruity pebbles and fruit loops. These
are best cereals to eat for breakfast.
'Tacoma personal trainer' (


This is a * Diabetic group *. If you eat this garbage for
any meal you will be a Diabetic too.

That is absolutely untrue. Why would you say something like that?


Hi Cheri,

That is how I caught Diabetes. I loved my pasta (like eating
a bag of sugar). I burned myself out -- two allopaths confirmed
that suspicion. Humans never, and I mean never, ate grains
or so many carbs before they discovered beer.

Nonsense! You don't *catch* diabetes and you don't get it from what you

And I would say something like that because I "do" think it is
true and thought it would help someone else.

You might think that it true but that doesn't make it true.

If you are still eating grains, you need to consider weening
yourself off them. Based on the recipes and tips you have given
me, you are a really good cook. Why would you want to consume
that poison?

What a bunch of hooey!

I am finding (anecdotally) that those T2's with all the
problems are the ones that constantly try to find ways around
the low carb diet. "Oh I don't follow the restrictions.
I just use insulin." "Apples are free. I eat as many as
I want." (And, my favorite, "I am on the kidney transplant

That's certainly not true either. Many of us had complications upon
diagnosis. And I know diabetics who eat low carb who also have
complictions. I use insulin. I can not eat anything I want. I can't do
that ever! And if you think that your favorite thing is a kidney
transplant, then you are really sick! My friend had a kidney transplant and
grains didn't cause it. In fact she wasn't even diabetic!

By the way, I suspect, the government 375 grams of carbs
a day recommendation, should really be 100 for T0's
and definitely 60 for T2's. And I really want all my
friends (okay, eFriends) on this group to stick around as
long as I do. Or, you all run the risk of me digging you
up and asking "How much garlic on those ...?"

What a bunch of nonsense.

11 days drug free!

And that is something to brag about?