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Default Neew Jam for Me

On Thu, 19 Sep 2013 13:28:50 -0700
"Julie Bove" wrote:

It's not sweetened with sugar but juice. And even if it were
sweetened with sugar, I eat so little of it, it wouldn't matter to

Julie, Julie, Julie. Whether you buy my theory about fructose
or not; if you want to avoid sugar, you must stay away from
juice. Typical juice sweeteners are apple juice and grape
juice. Both are high sugar and fructose. That is why they
are so sweet.

Personally I've taken to avoiding anything that is sweet. That
includes artificial sweeteners of any kind. Have never tried
stevia. I do use a little dextrose, supposed to be pure glucose.

BTW there is candy sweetened with dextrose. It is called pixie
sticks. If you can't stand the taste of diabetic wafers, you
could try that the next time you have a hypo.

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