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Default Neew Jam for Me

"W. Baker" wrote in message
Julie Bove wrote:

: contains 4 grams of carb per Tablespoon of which 3 are fiber(it has
: added
: fiber) and is sweetened with sucralose, no sugar alcohols, and 10
: calories
: per tablespoonful. I found it very pleasant and will look for
: flavors in the future. I do make my own jams form berries when I
: canget
: them, but this apricot looked like a good bet. I had some this
: Sucralose works forme, unlike the sugar alohols, which really annoy
: gut.
: Wendy
: I don't think I've ever seen that brand out here in CA.
: Cheri
: You have it there but perhaps not all stores carry it. I think that
: bought it at Target.
: OK, thanks. I'm sort of put off by the Splenda since it does leave an
: awful aftertaste in my mouth. I usually use aspartame.

: I don't think that what I've bought had Splenda but lemme see... They
: changed the products since I bought them. What I tried didn't have the
: added fiber. I ate the kind sweetened with fruit juice. But again, I
: probably only ate a teaspoon at a time. I don't like sweet things much.
: just wanted something to lessen the stickiness of my peanut butter.


You bought the fruit spread which is a totally different product in a jar
that looks quite different. I believe this no sugar added, fiber one is
fairly new to the market.

Yes. But the same brand.