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Default Neew Jam for Me

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Janet Wilder wrote:
: On 9/18/2013 1:10 PM, W. Baker wrote:
: I recently saw Polaner's sugar-free apricot jam and bought it. It
: contains 4 grams of carb per Tablespoon of which 3 are fiber(it has
: fiber) and is sweetened with sucralose, no sugar alcohols, and 10
: per tablespoonful. I found it very pleasant and will look for other
: flavors in the future. I do make my own jams form berries when I
: them, but this apricot looked like a good bet. I had some this
: with a piece of low carb toast adn it was very god adn went nicely
: the poached eggs and my black coffee.
: Sucralose works forme, unlike the sugar alohols, which really annoy
: gut.
: Wendy

: On the rare (once a year or less) occasion I make coconut shrimp for
: I use Polaners apricot to make a dipping sauce by adding in some Dijon
: mustard to taste.

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: Janet Wilder
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I checked the Fairway today where I had gotten the original jar of the
sugar-free fiber Apricot jam and found thae only other flavor they had
concord Grape, fine for kids with PB&J, but not to my taste. I
if they will be putting out any more flavos or if the store will be
carrying any more.

My supermarkets (Stop and Shop and Shoprite) regularly carry Polaner and
Smuckers jams sweetened with Splenda. (Smuckers also has some
stevia-sweetened jams.) In addition, the Stop and SHop store brand also
has some Splenda-sweetened jams. I regularly get strawberry, peach,
apricot, seedless blackberry, raspberry, orange marmalade, and blueberry.

I used to eat and thought that I liked the Smuckers. I never eat it
straight up on toast or anything like that. Just a smidge on a peanut
butter sandwich. Then I tried the Crofters all fruit and loved it. Could
not find the Crofters one day so went back to the Smuckers. Found that I
could not eat it at all. Just tasted artificial to me. The Crofters may
well contain fruit juice. Not sure. But since I only have a tiny dab
that matters very little.

I used to like Smuckers when it was sweetened with Equal, but haven't had
any since I couldn't find it without Splenda after awhile.