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Default Neew Jam for Me

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I recently saw Polaner's sugar-free apricot jam and bought it. It
contains 4 grams of carb per Tablespoon of which 3 are fiber(it has
fiber) and is sweetened with sucralose, no sugar alcohols, and 10
per tablespoonful. I found it very pleasant and will look for other
flavors in the future. I do make my own jams form berries when I canget
them, but this apricot looked like a good bet. I had some this morning
with a piece of low carb toast adn it was very god adn went nicely with
the poached eggs and my black coffee.

Sucralose works forme, unlike the sugar alohols, which really annoy my


I don't think I've ever seen that brand out here in CA.


You have it there but perhaps not all stores carry it. I think that I
bought it at Target.

OK, thanks. I'm sort of put off by the Splenda since it does leave an awful
aftertaste in my mouth. I usually use aspartame.