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Originally Posted by mawil1013 View Post
On 9/1/2013 1:22 PM, bigwheel wrote:

mawil1013;1861416 Wrote:
On 8/25/2013 6:07 PM, bigwheel wrote:-
piedmont;1859466 Wrote:-
Consider this, I have a cooker that has a cooking chamber to dimension
of a kitchen oven , comes with two adjustable grids. you can do
or brisket to spare ribs. it comes fully insulated, is virtually wind
and rain proof. Coals can be maintained without opening cook zone, as
add coals without losing heat. Has a special drawer under cooking
chamber to facilitate this. How much for one of these? Well, I paid
for mine. What is it? It's an old gas stove with the bottom metal
removed. Best damn cooker I ever had.


There ya go. I like to cook in old ice boxes..but the Warden say it
looks a bit too ghetto to have the defunct appliances laying around in
the yard. What does your boss say?

I used the theory of; start off big-N-ugly with a 55 gallon barrel, so
an appliance white used gas stove is prettier, she was in.

But to appease her vision of yardly beauty, I'm on the look out for a
stainless steel used gas stove.

I'm sooo impressed with the sweet way it cooks I am never going to use
any other cooker. Here is a pic... Michael, Piedmont, The Practical BBQ'r...

Looks great. Smart thinking on that one. Bet a person might could even
put a electric element in the bottom on that puppy and get rid on the
nasty old charcoal. Broke down SS restaurant stoves are prob fairly
inexpensive. Had a pal who could have got anything a person might want
along that line in his long tour as official Maintenance Man for the
famous Waffle House chain. He dont work there any longer so that deal it Maybe you could make friends with a guy like that? Would also
not hurt to bug some of the used restaurant supply places. Course they
tend to be proud of their stuff so dont get a skinning on it.

It would be easy to modify with whatever you wanted inside the bottom
drawer, for sure. But I like my Kingsford. I do have the desire to
temporarily add an electric pan to do some cold smoking in the future.
As insulated as that puppy bound to be should be just fine for cooking stuff too. Not sure why anybody would like Kingsford. Mighty nasty and evil stuff.