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Originally Posted by Janet Wilder[_1_] View Post
On 8/18/2013 9:53 AM, bigwheel wrote:
'Janet Wilder[_1_ Wrote:
;1857872']Hi there my favorite Q gurus.

I know I had posted this a few months ago, but brain ia aging and I have

completely forgotten everything.

I had pretty good success with a Brinkmann Gourmet green bullet smoker,

but living here in way-the-heck-South Texas, the bottom of the dang
thing rusted out and I need another smoker.

Should I just go to Lowes and buy another or should I try some other
brand in a similar price range. I'm talking between $80 and $125 at the


I use sand in the water pan and lump charcoal. I have a remote
thermometer and charcoal starter chimney and a cover for Brinkman
Gourmet #1.

There is an entire brisket in the freezer and a couple of corned beefs
begging to be transformed into pastrami.

I'm dong some chemo for a surprise case of small cell lung cancer and
it's working, but I want to do something nice for DH who has been so
awesome through this s--t.

TIA for your help.

Y'all know that I named my home made BBQ sauce "AFB" after all of you?

Janet Wilder
Way-the-heck-south Texas
Spelling doesn't count. Cooking does.

Well the pic in the link shown does not appear to be a Brinkmann Gourmet
model..but rather a cheaper and more cumbersome unit which I think is
called a Smoke n Grill or something similar. In everyday phraseology
they are called ECB's..meaning el cheapo Brinkmann. My favorite cooking
instrument is an electric Brinkmann Gourmet (red in color.) No nasty old
charcoal or propane needed. Just need a few wood chunks and an electric
plug. Walmart and Academy Sports normally sells them for less than a
hundred bucks. I would not trade mine for all the tea in China..but they
tend to be a bit wind sensitive so in certain conditions insulating
helps maintain the heat. I put a big washtub down over the top of
mine..or when It really gets nasty outside I dunk a 55 gallon barrel
down over the top with the bottom of the barrel resting on a few bricks
to make a gap where a little heat can escape. The smoker lives in the
barrel when not in use. Best of fortunes on the medical issues.
'Gourmet Electric Smoker & Grill (810-7080-K) | Brinkmann'
(Gourmet Electric Smoker & Grill (810-7080-K) | Brinkmann)

I did consider the Brinkmann electric, but the reviews pointed out the
difficulty with wind and I live in a very windy area. I'm not big
enough or strong enough to wrangle barrels and such, so I think I'll
just get me another Brinkmann Gourmet.

Thanks for the input and the good wishes.

Janet Wilder
Way-the-heck-south Texas
Spelling doesn't count. Cooking does.
Hear you on that. Its pretty windy around here too. Wind sensitivity is an issue for all the little R2D2 water smokers regardless of the heat source. On most occasions if you can set the little critter in a protected area it works well. Now I hope to be a good enough boy for Santa to bring me one of these darling contraptions one of these days. I have a pal who has one and swears by it. Wind dont bother it in the least. Also good in Tornadoes and blizzards etc. He does catering for other mutual chums who are too lazy to fire up their offset log burning creosote factories.
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