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Default Chili con carne

Vegan Earthworm Holocaust wrote:

> You don't have to both fat and ugly to win that competition (but it looks like it helps), just willing to dump a bunch of powdered stuff in at various
> times. These fart for brains in the Chili Society are so subnormal that
> they have recipes that have "Beef Bullion," and "Chicken Bullion." Must
> be some valuable as animals. You also have to love the way this clown
> *dumps* in his powders. He takes four dumps into his chili.

> Could there be a more incestuous group outside of these folks--

I would like to try some of that competition chile without having to be a part of the festival. I can't claim to know what good chile is, but I can say that most foods have too many ingredients in them and I have noticed that the most satisfying meals are the simplest ones.

I was just kidding when I said I wouldn't like to be at the festival. Truth is, I am going to be there. I'll fly in for a day, then fly out to Minnesota for the annual perogie contest, then west to California for the Gilroy Garlic Festival. That's all I do since I hit the lottery, take plane flights to one food festival after another. When there is no food festival activity available I usually find a film festival or a local wine or cheese tasting festival to keep me busy till the next food festival comes along.. As for the chile contest in Texas, I'll be making my insect chile this year, never before done. They'll love it. And they will not be told what they ate until after they ate it.