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Default Turnip greens

Julie Bove wrote:

: "Todd" wrote in message
: Hi Nick, Billy, and Big,
: Thank you for the feed back. I am wondering if maybe since these
: are not standard turnips (they are Golder Globe) and regular
: purple turnips taste like stale radishes, that maybe my
: greens are more pungent. I hope the bulbs come out okay.
: -T

: What? Purple turnips don't taste like stale radishes! I love raw turnips.
: Don't like them cooked. But then I don't like a lot of vegetables when
: cooked. The taste changes and not always for the better.

I use them peeled in stews in place of potatoesand they , certainly don't
taste lik stale or any other kinds of radishes. I have heard of usign
them mashed withpotatoes to reduce the carb density, but have never tried
them that way.