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Default Nopales and pennies?

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Peppermint Patootie wrote:

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bigwheel wrote:

Have heard folks say beans have
a bunch. Everybody from Texas was raised on em and eat them at least
once a day and sometimes twice on Sunday. They claim if a person eats
them along with corn it makes a combo complex protein which neither
offers alone..and which is only slightly inferior to animal sources.

I'm afraid that whole theory was disproved. You don't need to eat them
together. Just include them in your diet. Except that corn is very
high carb. I can't eat even one ear of corn without spiking to kingdom

When corn is in season (like now), I'll occasionally buy *one* ear at
the farmstand. When I cook it, I eat part of an ear, generally somewhere
between 1/3 and 1/2. The rest I cut off the ear and save, so I can put a
spoonful in salad as a garnish. The black bean and corn salad I posted
about earlier in this thread yielded 5 servings for a small ear of corn.

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