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Default Nopales and pennies?

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"W. Baker" wrote:

bigwheel wrote:

: Todd;1848910 Wrote:

: Not sure about the physics on the carbs. Have heard folks say beans have
: a bunch. Everybody from Texas was raised on em and eat them at least
: once a day and sometimes twice on Sunday. They claim if a person eats
: them along with corn it makes a combo complex protein which neither
: offers alone..and which is only slightly inferior to animal sources. Try
: eating them with cornbread..pepper sauce and raw onions. That prob knock
: them mean old carbs right in the head.

rice an beans also make a compete protein, but they are just not indicated
for diabetics as the carb content is very high, too high to be used as a
major part of a meal. As has been mentioned, a few sprinkled on a salad
or in a soup are Ok, but as a full portion beans are a problem for
diabetics. For non-diabetics like you, they are a good food, just not for
us diabetics here.
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: bigwheel

When I make something that calls for beans, I tend to use 1/2 real beans
and 1/2 black soybeans. They don't get as soft as beans, but they're an
OK substitute and very low carb. I can buy them canned in Whole Foods
and at food co-ops.

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