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Default Blueberries!

Dave Smith wrote:

The first year I had a crop of blueberries I watched them develop
slowly. One day I thought they would be ready to harvest in a day or
two. Some critters apparently thought they were good enough then because
the next day they were all gone. I netted them with a 1/2" chicken
wire.... not good enough.

I just bought another pint of blueberries for $1.88.

Funny: Only in RFC....I mention that they are large, plump, and juicy. And
a few responsed cut that down, claiming that the wild ones are so much
better and the ones I bought are weak and inferior. LOL!

Mine are tasty, folks. I'm not able to try the wild but what I get/got are
pretty darn good to me. heheheh

G. :-D