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Default Blueberries!

Kalmia wrote:

At THAT price, I'd have loaded up and had all my freezer could hold, just about. I use blueberries year round in muffins.

$1.88 for me sounded good. The other grocery store I sometimes shop at have
them on sale for $2.50. The sales end after Tuesday. It will be interesting
to see how much they are after the sale.

I met someone who had so many growing along his fence line, they didn't
know what to do with them. Hmmph - how about asking ME over to pick some,
I wanted to chide.

A friend of mine in Connecticut has 2 bushes in his yard. He mentioned how
most years the birds and the chipmunks ate them all so this year he netted
He said, "To just glance at the bushes, you might think there was maybe
a quart there. But looks are deceptive I guess... wife has been working
hours and hours on it over the last couple weeks, and she must have picked
at least 10 quarts by now"!

Almost as good as someone asking if you want free tomatoes at
the end of summer. I long for that day too.

I sure do miss growing my own. The last couple of years that I could do
that, I grew only 6 plants but once they started ripening, I was picking
maybe 14+ per day, every day for several weeks. And these were grown on the
side of my apartment building with limited space. The tomato garden was only
about 2.5' X 8'. I figured that neighbors would steal some but if they did,
I didn't notice. I was still bringing in more than I could use up.