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Default Fermented Pickle Problem?

Joe Sallustio wrote:

I have a pH meter and can titrate the acid, I use the equipment for
measurements in winemaking.

pH and percent acid are not related very well, pH is a log measurement
where that percent value is a linear function. I would expect it to
read below 7 which is not an acid or a base, 6.5 makes sense. A pH of
5 is 10 times 'stronger' than a pH of 6.
I can email you a pH meter FAQ from rec.crafts.winemaking if you would
like. It applies to meters in general and explains what you need to
do the measurements and how to calibrate the meter. A decent meter is
around $50 to $80 (US), you need calibration supplies too, that can
vary from $15 to $30.
I think titration equipmnet is what you you want, you can buy that at
a local winemaking shop for around $10. It measures in a linear
value. The stuff in winemaking shops is really not intended to
measure acid that high; 5% is about 5 to 10 times more than wine
normally is. It would work but it may need a fudge factor for the
type of acid. Vinegar is acetic acid, wines in the US are expressed as
tartaric. is all over the US and Canada and has decent meters at a
decent price.

Yeehaw. That's a lot of info. I flunked chemistry about thirty years ago so
some of them words is patently not English I did stop by a scientifc
supplier here in town who would order me a handheld meter for about $80US. I
bought a package of ph test strips instead.
I'd like to see that winemaking FAQ ( I got a book around here sumplace), just
to figger out the difference between titration and linears and stuff.
Many thanks,