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Default Help with juice

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See my reply to Cheri; I'm sure you're both right, at least for the
bg aspect, but there is a collection of very good evidence (and even
Dr. Atkins warned of the possibility) now that artificially sweetened
products contribute to hunger, weight gain, increased glucose and
insulin secretion.


Well, nothing wrong with posting the warnings at any rate. :-)



True, but for myself, I am lucky to use an AS once a month and then it
is only a sachet of stevia in my rare cappuccino. Might make a
difference to people who sweeten things all day every day. I was lucky
in a way that when I went to WW at 20 the only available sweetener was
saccharine. It was so vile I weaned myself off the 3-4 sugars I had in
tea over a period of a few weeks. Now I hate tea with even half a
teaspoon of sugar.

I don't drink soda much at all, or use too much AS anymore. I used to
five packets in a cup of tea, but not anymore. I just got tired of it.



I do have the occasional glass of diet coke but it would be if someone
brought it into the house. We almost all drink just water here with
maybe a daily cuppa. One son likes Iced Tea so he brings that home