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Ross Reid
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Default Fermented Pickle Problem?

Brian Mailman wrote:

Ross Reid wrote:

With pickles and sauerkraut, the fermentation is mainly via bacteria
and takes upwards of 4 to 6 weeks so, there is not really any sign of
an active fermentation.

Hmmm... I dunno. My sours start in at about 3 days, and no longer than
a week.

Do you mean your fermented pickles start to ferment in no longer than
a week, or that they finish in no longer than a week?
I've been making fermented dills and sauerkraut for well over 20 years
and I've never had either dills or kraut finish in as short a time as
a week or even less. I try to keep the ambient temperature in the
fermentation area at ~68-70F and fermentation runs the above noted 4
to 6 weeks.
The OP said:
I am attempting my first batch of fermented pickles and am not sure if
I have a problem or not.
I am a wine and beer maker and am used to seeing at least some
bubbling as a byproduct of fermentation. If that's happening, I am
missing it.
My question is this:
Should I see signs of active fermentation, like bubbles? If so, and am
not seeing them is there anything I should do or should I pitch these
and try again? It's a 5 gallon batch, I had a LOT of cucumbers.

Although I only started making pickles and sauerkraut some twenty odd
years ago, I've been a home brewer and wine maker since 1968 and I
know that making pickles or sauerkraut does not produce anything
remotely resembling an active wine or beer primary fermentation.
My post was in answer to the OP's original question.