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Default OT Pickle Crisp and Fermented pickles

On 06/23/13 3:31 PM, sometime in the recent past George Shirley posted this:
On 6/18/2013 3:49 PM, Mark Curry wrote:
Hi all - regular lurker here with a question.

Last year took I took a dive into making various pickles with mostly
success. Dilled Carrots, Olive Oil Pickles, and a few quick pickles
were a great hit.

The Half-Sours that I tried tasted ok, but were mushy.
Most are still sitting in the fridge waiting some kind of
use as a relish or chutney, where the texture won't be noticed.

Fermented pickles don't do well at all with Pickle Crisp Mark, PC is
primarily for making fresh pickles and, even then, they need to sit in a
dark place for a few weeks in order to be crisp.

Found out about Pickle Crisp in this newsgroup, and want to
give it a try. I'm not sure on the use for fermented pickles
however - should I add the Pickle Crisp before fermentation or
after? It's just another salt, so I think it shouldn't affect
the fermentation too much. The package doesn't help much.
Most of the recipes I'm using are from The Joy of Pickling
by Linda Ziedrich

Pickle Crisp is calcium chloride and, if I remember correctly, is made by
treating limestone, in the instance I'm aware of it was Texas caliche rock,
of which we Texans have a lot of. Primary use for calcium chloride is for
road "salt." A road salt that doesn't rust your car out.

George, I think your comment that calcium chloride doesn't rust your car out
is in error. Here in the northeast they have been using it as a liquid
slurry to treat the roads before snow or icing can be packed down by
traffic. The result is a lot of premature break-lines rusting out and other
forms of accelerated rusting even greater than NaCl - regular salt. Just

Jarden (Ball)
dropped the PC for awhile but brought it back in a more efficient form,
larger pieces.

Looking for suggestions from the more experienced folks here.

The garden just gave us about 5 lbs of cukes - kids can only
eat soo many fresh. There's a few quarts worth ready to go...



Best advice I can give you for fermented pickles is to keep them in ice
water, very near freezing for a lengthy time and then ferment them. Lots of
recipes for fermented pickles on the web and how to keep them crisp. Hope
this helps.


I thought I had sent this earlier but never saw it show up.

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