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Default nice article on salt

On 06/14/2013 07:17 PM, pavane wrote:

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Hi All,

Mark Sisson (Mark's Daily Apple) has a nice article on salt:


I don't think it's nice at all! The writer starts out with a bunch of
lies. That salt is "universally maligned and demonized". And that
"all the experts hate it"! I'm not going to read any further. The
author is a blatant liar. I don't know of anyone who tells people to
avoid salt. The body *needs* sodium. Yes, a small percentage of
people are put on a low sodium diet for various medical reasons. But
mind you that is *low* and not *no*. But most people don't have to do
this and it isn't recommended for most people. I don't know of any
"expert" who would tell anyone to avoid salt. If they did, then they
shouldn't be an "expert" at whatever it is they claim to be the expert at

Brava Julie! The author of that article has seen far too many self-help
cure thyself medical travesties. Well stated critique.


Hi Pavane,

You did not read the article. Or you only skimmed it. It's okay
though. Sometimes do the same thing and put my foot in my mouth
much worse than you just did. I will write an impassioned
rebuttal -- some of my better stuff too -- just to get told
to read this and that sentence a little closer.
But when you are among friends (eFriends count too), it's okay:
and you will just get ribbed a little.

It article was was really, really well done. It was a masterfully
well done critique of the low salt crowd. In first section is
described the the low salt crowd and named named. Gave their
slogans too:
The American Diabetes Association: Be Sodium Savvy
The American Heart Association: Shaking the Salt Habit
The American Dietetic Association" Slice Your Sodium Intake
He named named.

In the second section, he went into where they got all their bad
information. That would be the study he referenced on the Yanomami
of the Amazon. They had low sodium and low blood pressure young and
old. He goes on to say why the study was fatally flawed. You
then have to go to do another study on the same circumstances,
except high sodium and see what you get. One was done on the
Kuna of Panama. High sodium and low blood pressure. Sodium
was not the culprit.

He then proceeded to RIP the low sodium crowd a new one with study
after study, including one on Diabetes.

You ave got to re-read his article. And yes he write a lot of self
help stuff. He is very good at what he does. And he backs it
all up. And I did not sigh up for his news letter for over six months
and I double checked every thing he writes. He knows what he is talking

It is more fun when it isn't me putting my foot in my mouth.