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Default nice article on salt

On 6/14/2013 10:36 PM, bigwheel wrote:
'Julie Bove[_2_ Wrote:
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Hi All,

Mark Sisson (Mark's Daily Apple) has a nice article on salt:
'Is Salt Healthy? | Mark's Daily Apple'


I don't think it's nice at all! The writer starts out with a bunch of
That salt is "universally maligned and demonized". And that "all the
experts hate it"! I'm not going to read any further. The author is a
blatant liar. I don't know of anyone who tells people to avoid salt.
body *needs* sodium. Yes, a small percentage of people are put on a low

sodium diet for various medical reasons. But mind you that is *low* and
*no*. But most people don't have to do this and it isn't recommended
most people. I don't know of any "expert" who would tell anyone to
salt. If they did, then they shouldn't be an "expert" at whatever it is

they claim to be the expert at

Dittos Ma'am..very eloquent response.

Wrong, Bubba!
It's one thing to not read a story, another to not comprehend it, but
there's nothing like neither reading nor comprehending a story but
commenting on how "eloquent" another person's totally warped response to
the story is.

Folks that dont have salt tend to
die fairly rapidly.