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Default nice article on salt

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Hi All,

Mark Sisson (Mark's Daily Apple) has a nice article on salt:


I don't think it's nice at all! The writer starts out with a bunch of
lies. That salt is "universally maligned and demonized". And that "all
the experts hate it"! I'm not going to read any further. The author is
a blatant liar. I don't know of anyone who tells people to avoid salt.
The body *needs* sodium. Yes, a small percentage of people are put on a
low sodium diet for various medical reasons. But mind you that is *low*
and not *no*. But most people don't have to do this and it isn't
recommended for most people. I don't know of any "expert" who would tell
anyone to avoid salt. If they did, then they shouldn't be an "expert" at
whatever it is they claim to be the expert at

Brava Julie! The author of that article has seen far too many self-help
cure thyself medical travesties. Well stated critique.

I do not like the author at all. He smacks of Kevin Trudeau to me. That
shyster who has hawked a bunch of crap on TV and went to jail for it. One
of which was the "cure all" "medical" book or his books to make people money
that included in the title, "They Don't Want You To Know". As if there are
these people lurking out there who have all the answers to everything but
are keeping them to themselves. Oh but Kevin will tell you for a price!
Just buy his book or course or whatever.

I don't know if Mark is actually selling something but I'm not going to poke
around on his website or blog or whatever it is to find out. But it does
sound like he is trying to frighten people for no real reason.