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Default ¡Poblano!

On 05/26/2013 12:15 PM, bigwheel wrote:

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On 05/25/2013 06:54 AM, bigwheel wrote:-
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Hi All,

I has at the local Mexican Supermarket yesterday for my
weekly fix on Opuntia (Prickly Pear). I picked up a
Poblano (Ancho) pepper for experimentation. (I am
thinking of growing them this year.)

While in the check out line, the sweetest lady, who
had extreme trouble with English (didn't stop her, as I
said, "sweet"), told me how to prepare Poblanos.

As far as I could tell, she told me to roll them
through my burners flame. (My stove is electric.)

What did she mean? Is there something wrong with
the skins? Do they need to be burned off?

Is there some special way to prepare Poblanos?

Oh, and she told me to put them in my scrambled
eggs. Said they were delicious that way.

Many thanks,

Several ways to do it. Charred and blistered on an open flame works
such as with gas bbq grill then throw them in a paper sack and seal
up right quick. After a bit they start steaming themselves the skin
slimey and the pepper gets slimey and it peels off Same
trick can be done with a propane hand torch. Here is link showing how
do it in an electric oven. Now once they turn red they turn themselves
into Ancho's. What color is yours? They are wonderful as a topping for
baked potatoes. Not that folks in this section seem to be able to eat
such stuff. Throw some on your burger or sandwich. Very good like that
too. Indispensable for good cheesy squash casseroles..homininy enchiladas..stews etc etc. Might be
with chocolate cake..just aint tried

'Food Tips: How to Roast Poblano Peppers' ('Food Tips: How to Roast
Poblano Peppers' ('Food Tips: How to Roast Poblano Peppers'

Hi Bigwheel,

Thank you!

My Poblanos are shiny dark green. They have that look and feel
when you hold them in your hand of exciting things to come that only
a cook understands.

My wife is very sensitive to hot pepper, but if fine with Ancho,
so this sound like a perfect match up.

Okay, I have burned butter twice and egg plant one. So this
is right up my alley. Any idea how to burn a Poblano with
an electric stove?


Sounds like you got some good peppers. There are directions in the
for charring them in an electric oven on broil sitting on a cookie
seems like. Are you saying you only have the cook top maybe? That
get a bit messy. If all else fails head to Wally World and snag a
propane braising torch. Thats how Wolfgang Puck does it..most Mama should not get lit up too bad..just use the peppers
sparingly till you get a handle on the heat levels. About the only
they make me break a sweat is putting a whole split one on a burger.
Prob just slice up a little for a girly burger.-

Hi Bigwheel,

Thank you!

"propane braising torch": interesting. I wonder if ...

A customer told me to soak Jalapenos in milk for 10 minutes to
rid the fire. Maybe for a "girly burger"?


I think you need to tell that sissy girly girl to man up a

She says "truly funny dude!" She is still laughing!

Never heard of the milk deal but should work. The capsicum is fat
soluble and milk has a bunch of that..dont use the low fat
That is why when you get a good mouth scald water do not work too well
to quench the fire. Milk and butter help. Some highly smart Aggies at
A&M come up with a heatless Jap made especially for heat sensitive
yankees who buy their mild Picante sauce. Its called a TAM. You might
could find those at a well stocked yup fruit stand or whatever. The
normal Japs we get around here aint hot enough to worry about. Clean out
the seeds and scrape the veins they are about like a bell pepper. It
takes somebody knowing what they are doing to make one hot enough to
worry about. I am waiting for the Aggies to come up with a heatless Hab.
Those are packed with way more flavor than a jap. Just got to pay the
price to taste it. lol

Hi Bigwheel,

Thank you!

I was trying to figure out whether Poblanos are worth planting. We
are not suppose to plant till the second week in June, so I got a
little time.

A heatless Hab. Now that would be something! :-)


And the first/trophy is still chuckling in the background.