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Default Coolest salt shaker ever

On 2013-05-23, jmcquown wrote:

least bit of hesitation using chemicals to keep them away from the

Yep. We have two small sheds and the doors are not a seal-tight fit.
The damn wasps seek out a crack and literally crawl their way into
this shed to build a nest. As soon as I see any activity, I set off
an insecticide bomb and kill 'em all. Usually gotta do it twice per
season. I've never seen so many different kinds of wasps and hornets
as here in CO. I saw one that looked like a flying guernsey cow!
Sucker was black and white, furry, and huge! Fortunately, those are
pretty rare. It's those damn dangly-legged yel/blk suckers that are
the most common. I have cans of Raid stashed all over the place and
carry two on my hip. I can shoot 'em down in mid-flight.