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Default BBQ Joints in or near Columbus Wisconsin

On May 4, 9:26*pm, Gene wrote:
Anyone have any recommendations?

Just moved here. Want to see if there is anything local that might be
good that I don't know about.

BTW, there seems to be nothing here by way of food.

There is a Mickey D's, Bugger King, Arbys, and 1 family rest., about
the same amount of fast food joints as bars. 2 Bars have food. One
store front has a turn key rest. for sale/rent that couldn't make it
work. They did Italian. I think BBQ would work better but I do not
have the bucks to start it up and IMHO it would be a BIG RISK.

Very depressed area as far as restaurants go.

Glad I can cook and Q because if not I would be f*#ked.



Huh. the one time I was in that state was near Milwaukee, about 40
minutes outside of town for some software training.
Was pretty impressed with the local food culture, there was even a BBQ
joint in the small town where our hotel was.
Don't remember the town, something indian ending in gee or skee and
lots of syllables.
Well, at least you can get the same good local Wisconsin beer.