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Default Sugar free flour free peanut butter cookies

"Alice Faber" wrote in message
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"Julie Bove" wrote:

Has anyone tried this recipe and if so did you like it?

I am having extreme trouble getting Angela to take any form of protein in
her lunch and she'll give me a million excuses why she can't. I thought
these were actually good, I would try making them with Sunseed butter
she can't have peanut butter. But Splenda is expensive and that's a
lot of it! Not even sure I have that much in the house. If ya'll say
they are good, I might make a half batch to start.

And if you have made these, do you think the addition of vanilla would
Or maybe some form of chocolate? Although the only thing I have like
currently is cocoa powder.

She complained about the vegan fudge that I made because she said it
too much of sunseed butter. And that it didn't taste very sweet. And it
didn't but I liked it because I don't really like sweet things.

I don't remember which recipe I used, but I did make flour-free peanut
butter cookies once, using Splenda. They were more crumbly than if they
had been made with sugar, but they tasted good. Since I have no idea
what Sunseed butter is, I can't comment on how that substitution would
affect the recipe.

It's sunflower seed butter. Angela can't have peanuts and this is one of the
best substitutes for peanut butter. I don't like it myself but she does.